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Two stowaways find themselves on a ship for the dead. An ancient predator stalks the wrong victim.

Here are thirteen tales of death, murder, and revenge from the fertile and febrile imagination of master storyteller David Lubar—his first story collection for the teen audience. I kind of predicted something bad was going to happen yeah what tipped you off for that one Nara? It couldn't have been the death, murder and revenge The title is very clever, and has to do with what happens.

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This one was slightly confusing, and I had to go back to read it a second time to understand exactly what had happened although maybe that was because I wasn't concentrating when I read it the first time. My bad.

Another nice twist. Yet another weird story.

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This one's the first one that I think actually steps into the realm of horror rather than mere creepiness. Another horror one.

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Dayum, yet another unexpected twist. I thought it would be ghosts or something, but instead it was something completely unexpected. This one was beyond weird. Not strictly scary, but it was a bit creepy. David married his wife around this time in He began writing for Creative Computing in In , Lubar was offered a job designing and programming video games in California.

After realizing he still wanted to write, Lubar returned to writing in while still working as a developer. By , he had sold six books, and the company he worked for had gone out of business.

Hidden Talents - Pan Macmillan AU

During and Lubar started programming for the Nintendo Game Boy while putting writing to the side, but he returned to writing shortly after. From to , Lubar wrote short stories for various collections such as Ribbiting Tales , Lost and Found and Shattered. Today, [ when?