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Don Mann knows what it takes to be a brother of this ultra-selective fraternity. As a member of Seal Team Six for over eight years and a SEAL for over 17 years, he worked in countless covert operations, operating from land, sea, and air, and facing shootings, decapitations, and stabbings. He was captured by the enemy and lived to tell the tale, and he participated in highly classified missions all over the globe, including Somalia, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. But to become a SEAL, Mann had to overcome his own troubled childhood and push his body to its breaking point-and beyond.

The U. From rooftops, helicopters, and alleys, Wasdin hunted Aidid and killed his men whenever possible. But everything went quickly to hell when his small band of soldiers found themselves fighting for their lives, cut off from help and desperately trying to rescue downed comrades during a routine mission.

The Battle of Mogadishu, as it became known, left eighteen American soldiers dead and seventy-three wounded. Howard Wasdin had both of his legs nearly blown off while engaging the enemy. His explosive combat tales and inside details of becoming one of the world's deadliest snipers combine to make this the most thrilling and important memoir by a navy SEAL since Lone Survivor. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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Export option. Not available. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to listen online or offline wherever you are. Laptops and Computers You can listen to audiobooks purchased on Google Play using your computer's web browser. Listeners also liked. See more. Nicholas Irving. The preface of this audiobook is read by the author. Mark Owen. Featuring stories from the training ground to the battlefield, No Hero offers readers a never-before-seen close-up view of the experiences and values that make Mark Owen and the SEALs he served with capable of executing the missions that make history.

Robert O'Neill. Charlie A. Wanted: Volunteers for Project Delta. Will guarantee you a medal. A body bag. Or both. With this call to arms, Charlie Beckwith revolutionized American armed combat. Beckwith's acclaimed memoir tells the story of Delta Force as only its maverick creator could tell it-from the bloody baptism of Vietnam to the top-secret training grounds of North Carolina to political battles in the upper levels of the Pentagon itself.

This is the heart-pounding, first-person insider's view of the missions that made Delta Force legendary. Mark L. Donald As A SEAL and combat medic, Mark served his country with valorous distinction for almost twenty-five years and survived some of the most dangerous combat actions imaginable. Inside Seal Team Six was one of the first books I read as I was trying to learn more about one of the most talented, committed, and terrifyingly superb military arsenals in the world.

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Don Mann shares not only his story but manages to both humanize these Titans of men and revere their "nothing is impossible" mental, physical and emotional toughness. I also recommend his fictionalized series if you want a dramatic, exciting read. Start with "Hunt the Wolf". Tom Crocker and his crew will amaze and shock you. Sep 21, Dio Handoyo rated it liked it. But in all fairness, it's probably close to impossible to make a thorough ST6 book, unless the unit somehow decides to embrace the spotlight in which case, it's not ST6 anymore.

It is a great book, though, to motivate yourself to push harder. Apr 01, Desiree rated it liked it. We listened to this book on CD during road trip s. I would think of this book of more like an autobiography of Don Mann, not really an "inside Seal Team Six" summary type book. He definitely lead an interesting life. Worth a read if you like these types of adventure books, but if you're squeamish of medical scenarios, you'll be wincing a lot during m We listened to this book on CD during road trip s.

Worth a read if you like these types of adventure books, but if you're squeamish of medical scenarios, you'll be wincing a lot during most of the situations described in the book. Jan 29, Kristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: action-adventure , military , history , memoirs , mystery. This was a fascinating read despite the blacked out security information.

The author goes throughout his experiences from childhood to training to the run around the military sometimes gives you so he can truly become a Seal. The was my first book I read of Don Mann and it makes me want to read more from him.

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The experiences he tells of his experiences in ST1, ST2, and ST6 are so packed with information you will devour this book. I am grateful to all the men and women who gave their lives for th This was a fascinating read despite the blacked out security information. I am grateful to all the men and women who gave their lives for this country so I can be safe. To those men in Seal teams: thank you.

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Feb 23, JumpStreet69 rated it liked it. I thought the book was good, only one complaint, there was parts that were blanked out because he couldn't share that information. I would recommend this to anyone who likes war stories. Feb 07, Gerald rated it it was amazing Shelves: theme-military , genre-non-fiction , theme-terrorist-activity , all-time-favorites , genre-adventure , genre-action , genre-thriller , , genre-autobiography.

Navy SEALs are said to be the finest military force in the world for performing the missions with which they are tasked. That being the case has been clearly demonstrated numerous times. This was especially disturbing since SEAL Teams do not seek publicity; they try to avoid it as all costs. Don grew up in a tough neighborhood not far from Boston.

He was into getting the adrenaline highs that he sought from motorcycle racing and driving in an extremely dangerous manner, almost killing himself in a terrible car wreck. He watched many of his friends go down the wrong paths into crime and the drug culture and vowed that he would get away from it.

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This led him to the Navy Recruiting Office. He immediately set his goal to become a SEAL. He would have 10 days to get from his home on the east coast to report for the corpsman training in San Diego. He decided to travel the 3, mile, day trip on his bicycle. He would have made it but his travelling partner slowed him down so much that he had to quit and settle for faster transportation. After being thwarted on that ultra-endurance goal, he later decided to compete in the Ironman Triathlon. As they hit the water for the start of the race, Don saw the blond guy swim past him. He struggled a bit with the swimming but completed it without too much difficulty.

He started the bicycle portion and felt a burst of energy, quickly moving from th out of starters to th without much problem. Then he more slowly began overtaking others. Finishing quite well on the bike, he made the transition to running and took off so fast that others tried to warn him to slow because there was an entire 26 miles to go. Soon the previous winner had caught up to him, but Don speeded up further. They pushed each other hard for the remainder of the race. Don finished 38th out of competitors, in just his 2nd Ironman race.

I thought the Ironman race was tough. Hell week was like ten Ironman competitions in succession. That training served him extremely well as he performed numerous life-saving procedures in a variety of both military and civilian situations. One of their instructors was the person who did the spectacular skydiving stunts for some of the James Bond movies. It was a baptism of fire as many things went wrong. They were determined that would never happen again.

For example, the PTs physical training were harder. We did not train to get big, ripped, or cut—we PTed so we could do our jobs. This caused his risers to spiral where they jerked his head in an awkward manner. He thought his neck was broken. He calmly cut away his main, non-functioning chute and deployed the reserve chute. The pain in his neck and jaw was so intense that he was unable to speak over his radio.

He then palpated his jaw and realized that it was dislocated and way to the left of where it should be. So he did to himself what he had done to dozens of other people in the ER. At around 8, feet, he placed his thumb on his bottom teeth, pushed down hard, and jerked his jaw to the right. On the last 2 days of the 45 day course, their FTX final training exercise included a 2,meter cold-water ocean swim, a river crossing via high line, and long-range navigation through the mountain wilderness to infiltrate and establish covert surveillance of a target site.

They had to accomplish all this while carrying 75 to 90 pounds of operational gear each, including weapons and ammo. The mile race included mountain biking, kayaking, white-water rafting, running, rock climbing, and swimming for a 5-person, coed team. This race was through the Patagonian area of Argentina — a million square miles featuring a harsh combination of ice, snow, glaciers, mountains, heat, and relentless Antarctic winds.

It proved to be a tremendous success. Their basic race was a mile, 5-day competition in some very challenging parts of Virginia and West Virginia. His focus immediately switched to the war on global terrorism. Sports took a backseat. As you can probably tell from the length of this review, I thought the book was fantastic and highly recommend it to others.

Oct 24, Martin rated it really liked it Shelves: military-history.

Not a bad book. The author seems to jump around a bit in subject matter in each chapter writing about Spec-Ops, endurance racing and family matters. An enjoyable book and a quick read. Sep 22, Toph White rated it it was ok Shelves: war-and-peace. One of the first books to come out after they got Bin Laden I'm guessing. Some good stories and layout of some of how the navy has Spec.

Some rough personal sharing from Mann. Oct 15, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Candid, engaging and a quick read. Many pages have passages blackened out due to classified information - it would've been neat to get the details about several missions but national security is a priority.

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  • Dec 07, Mike rated it it was amazing. A lot of respect for the team and it's interesting hearing about it from someone who knows it so well. Dec 10, Aimee rated it really liked it. Was quite surprised how much I liked listening to this book. Very insightful and a reminder how much others push despite challenges. Makes you think harder when you think you want to complain. Mar 27, Jordan Hickok rated it it was amazing. So cool. I loved it. Apr 19, Jeff Fambrough rated it liked it Shelves: military. Aug 31, Brian Luong rated it it was amazing.

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    The first major part of the grueling selection process. Don Mann who played an important role in the United States Defense shares special insights of his job in the "Teams". Unfortunately, he can not tell everything he has done because he is not permitted to do so by government regulations. Don starting out as a rowdy teenager, hanging with the wrong crowd, gets him in trouble often, not only with his parents but with the law too. He experiences drugs, alcohol, and many different bad things.

    Don knew he had to change, he wasn't meant to be with the bad teenagers he hangs out with. The BUDS selection process was hard but he passed, but he was not done yet. However, Don needed to be trained to become smarter and stronger. Throughout Don's countless years of training he explains his near-death experiences, his night operations and tactical warfare practice. After that he completed so many trainings with the Marine Corp and Navy. He completed platoon trainings, jungle warfare, weapons training, NSW Navy Special Warfare jungle school, and medical trainings.

    In , Don finally retired and still did not live a life of relaxation. Don, then created a program named Oddysey Adventure Racing where top athletes compete through rough terrain, uncompromising rivers, and the highest mountains. Prompt 2 I found out that Don Mann was just a normal rowdy teenager in the 's. Don explains his accounts with humor, but he also explains his professional life accounts with lessons that he learned, mistakes he had made, and what he had to go through to resolve the problem.

    Don tells his story about his teenage life his bad mistakes with drugs and breaking the law. Don's story was not just made for people interested in the military, or in athletics. Don's story talked about the up's and downs of life and how to overcome them. It changed the way I think, act, and live every day. Don's honor and devotion to duty to his country made him a person who is respected.

    Don's courage was when he served his country in the most hostile territories in the world. Don says " the more sweat and tears you put into the training, the less blood you'll shed in time of war". The instructor's job was to make things harder for you. Don explains the hardships that he and his fellow recruits faced during the process and the constant harassment of the instructors.

    Don Mann's challenging life led to complete success being a Navy SEAL, the most elite warriors on the planet and feared by every nation in the world. Don leaves by telling us " I will never quit. A person who the United States looked down on, became a person who the United States respects. May 17, Vince Ciaramella rated it it was ok.

    The book had some interesting parts but after a while it lost steam for me. Seal Team 6 kicks ass and I am glad they are on our side. May 15, Caleb Cogburn rated it really liked it. It shows the sacrifices needed to make when your a Navy Seal. May 10, Vicki G rated it it was amazing Shelves: nonfiction.

    I wonder if anybody knows how difficult it is to read a book when pages of it are blacked out. No introduction of her, and I'm assuming he added a blurb about it but they blacked out that information too. They were dressed in