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  4. " Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane. "
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If this pair stayed here, I can guarantee he is the kind of bull we would build a Denver pen around. Meet So Stareable. She thinks her little girl was absolutely perfect until the day she decided to nurse HHSF Black Glitter between the back legs and got poop all down her face. This Primo daughter is the show mom that went on Everything Show Cattle on Facebook and immediately told the world her son won his class.

Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Pri - Sentence Club

Might not have won the division but you know she invited the entire show back to their stalls for a crockpot lunch in celebration of how good he did! Hopefully we can keep his ears from freezing as much as she licks him. Hard working percentage mamas! When we got her in to clean her up for her pictures, my coat was soaked from all the licking she gave me in appreciation of her spa day and an hour away from her kid.

Her baldy heifer calf by Lock Down only sweetens this deal! Neat baldy pair to check out on sale day! We shared his pic on our Facebook page and he was pretty quick to get likes.

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This Deplorabull son is definitely a day brightener! This winter has definitely pushed us to our limits, drove us crazy and made us sit down at night wondering how we can get our hands on some Crown Royal stock because we, along with our fellow cattle friends throughout the country, sure all deserved a beverage after caring more about the health and well being of our herds than our own personal health and well being.

Long story short, through no fault of her own, this mama lost her baby during the polar vortex. Crystal Clear was too good of a mom not to raise a baby and little one needed a mom. Lock It Girl is the real brains behind the operation show mom. We intended to sell her in last years spring sale but she lost her baby as the catalog was going to print. Limited opportunities to get in on the Griswold What A Girl line!

We love Lock It Girl! If one were ever to get in an altercation at a watering hole establishment…this is the mom I would want on my team. If you like power in your cows, this Samoan lady beast is the one for you. We try to save a Bella daughter each year for the spring sale as a prime example of how awesome they are as mothers. Tamina is going off the top rope and shooting for the bright lights of Wrestlemania with her little Executive Order son.

Definitely check out the video on this pair. No implants needed here! She will be in your back pocket pretty dang quick if she thinks you have a treat. Her Deplorabull heifer calf is growing like a weed! Move over Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Janelle will give you a run for your money in the super base department.


You best get out of the way when she comes to the bunk or her butt will invite you to. Doing a great job with her Executive Order bull calf! Opportunities to breed up for a purebred on the next calf are endless. This heifer could easily be the mom-coach of the Chinese girls Olympics gymnastics team; little, mighty and determined to be mom of the year. Her 50lb teetot was up and bouncing like a kangaroo the second she hit the ground and mama was extremely quick with the towels and glitter.

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This little mama was too worried about where her baby was on picture day to enjoy her time at the spa and take a good picture but when you see her baby you will understand why. No DNA test needed here, those face markings are just like mom!

Miss Independent is always out exploring and giving her mom gray hair. Daffodil was purchased in the Jewels of the Northland and has a very nice Executive Order heifer in the replacement lot. The On the Mark purebred bull calf she has on her side this year has a cool look and should make a nice herd bull prospect.

We picked a few younger heifers to feature in this sale that we thought could be fun projects for summer shows. The deadline for Jr Regional and National ownership is May 8th…please make sure we know how you would like these heifers transferred and we will make sure they are in the correct name to be entered in time for the AJSA Summer Classics! Loaded with volume, flat shouldered, great hair and sound.

Lots of fun shows this summer! Crazy N Love came in to her own as a bred come Louisville and Denver time and hung 3 champion banners. Just saying this one might need to be on your radar if you are looking for one that can run with the best of them. Lot 34 Mr. Main Event has been gaining in popularity due to his off the chart set of EPDs and ability to sire cattle with the look.

Study the Gabby daughters selling as pairs in this sale and you will see what this one will look like a year from now. Our customers have told us numerous times that the best investment they have made is adding a Gabby daughter to their program and believe this homozygous black female is another great opportunity. Primo x Gabby mating continues to produce time and time again.

The go to Angus sire for making show prospects mated to the 2 time Denver Champion simmental female its no surprise it just flat works. This may heifer is way greener as she was just grabbed out of the replacement lot at picture time but give her a little TLC and she will be just like her sisters.

Our Primo daughters have been maturing into beautiful cows with perfect udders.

" Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane. "

Crazy N Love has been knocking in out of the park producing sons and daughters around here since that day she went into production after hanging championship banners in Louisville and Denver. She has been working great in IVF production this winter freezing 19, 24, 17 embryos on her last flushes. She has been here resting and is will be here ready to IVF right after sale day. Buyer responsible for all cost associated with semen, aspiration, freezing and transfers.

All semen needs to be approved by Trans Ova for quality before use. Guaranteeing 8 embryos with an open top. Three sire groups are represented and provide a variety of type and kind to suit whatever your taste may be. The two daughters by the up and coming Deplorabull combine as much power and mass as any mating to date out of N Love all while keeping the structural integrity that we all crave.

Lastly, the two Bankroll heifers offer you choice whether you prefer red or a black baldy. The baldy has that killer look to run with the best of them on the tan bark, while the red heifer has that brood cow look to her. We could go on and on about this group but we think they speak for themselves. A group of purebreds out of one incredible cow, the decision for us would be a tough one to make but we feel you cannot go wrong with which ever one you choose. Shear Force 49U Mr.

Our program is built on making donor prospects that we can take in the show ring weather it be a junior show, open or pen show. At the end of the day after showing them, they must be able to produce and contribute to the advancement of a program. This fall born Deplorabull hits really really hard as a future big time donor. Soft in her design, great hipped, sound at the ground and super quiet in nature.

Be sure to check this rising star out at sale time. Hairy, stylish and loaded with internal dimension. They definitely have the early look of young donors. Be sure to check these girls out on sale day! That female created more excitement and interest than any female we have ever offered for sale. She is here at the farm and entered donor production for the partnership so be sure to ask at sale time and we would be happy to show her to you as she is absolutely stunning as a momma cow.

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We have always believed herd sires need to come from great cow families and if you go into herd book and research the Joy cow family, they are as prolific as it gets in Simmental genetics. Prime Investigation possesses an impressive EPD profile, sound structured and out of one of the most fertile donors on the farm. He will charm you with his great numbers from calving ease to growth to maternal.

Need a bull to turn out on heifers? Then this guy needs a serious look. Walk in the pen and again you will be charmed as your eye gravitates to him. Super complete, deep bodied, eye appealing and a no holes kind of a bull. His full brother was a high seller in last years spring sale going to Otis Rincker, IL. His 1st calf dam is a beautiful red female with a perfect udder and well balanced phenotype. We have been getting more and more requests for red genetics so we went to the Keller Broken Heart Sale in North Dakota the past couple years to add some fault free, low maintenance, fertile red females to our herd with the idea to breed them to Executive Order to produce red influence herd sire prospects.

Sunny just like his mother is stout hipped, long made and powerful in his design. Executive Order has been hitting it out of the park making calving ease sons that are loaded with performance. We feel cow families are extremely important when selecting a herd bull and this one combines with Sheza Beauty.

Two of the best and most proven families in the Simmental breed. WW 68 YG -. The first REA. NLC Upgrade U well balance, soundest structured females we have had the opportunity to work with. Study this homozygous black and WW 72 YG -. Event Finals ADG. Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled herd sire prospect out of 2 of the up and coming powerhouse individuals in the Simmental breed. Oracle has been consistently cranking out progeny that are sound, deep bodied, cool fronted and the kind that are fun to stare at from the day they are born and every day after.

Oracle was leased to ST Genetics this spring and the interest in semen on him has been overwhelming. Her daughters have been among the high sellers in the past 2 Jewels sales and her sons are making their debut in this sale. First Shot is a full brother to a couple of our pen heifers in Denver this year and maternal sibs to the Champion Pen of 3 heifers in Denver in A herd sire prospect with a little more power and performance in a baldy package.

These two Homozygous Black and Polled Bella full brothers will definitely grab your eye when you set foot in the bull lot. You can print individual pages or consecutive pages directly from the viewer. You can download the brochure as a PDF by clicking on the download symbol and then print it out completely.

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