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  2. Scorpions’ ‘Wind of Change’: The Oral History of 1990’s Epic Power Ballad
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The year has become known as the year of Open Government. The continuing progress of the Open Government Partnership represents the consolidation of a process that, in less than two years, has strengthened the promotion and implementation of public policies.

Winds of Change

These policies are founded onthe principles of transparency and access to public information, citizen participation, integrity, and the harnessing of technology on behalf of openness and accountability in 63 participating countries. The Latin American and Caribbean region, in particular, stands out with the most widespread participation, including 15 borrowing member countries of the Inter-American Development Bank IDB. It gives organizations access to customized employee wellness programmes helping them achieve their best physical and mental potential.

We support the 4 elements of Wellbeing encompassing nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management overlaid with behavioural change.

Scorpions’ ‘Wind of Change’: The Oral History of 1990’s Epic Power Ballad

We team up with trusted Industry experts along with our primary market research enables us to deliver relevant corporate wellness solutions. Our employee wellness programmes are based on a data driven approach that helps individuals see their continuous improvement and corporates realize a tangible return on investment.

Design and deliver personalized corporate wellness programmes using o approach encompassing nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management along with behavioural change. A one-stop-shop for your complete corporate wellbeing. Increases ease of use and allow us to integrate other innovative technologies for further value addition.

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The ability to relax is important in effectively managing stress and anxiety. Food provides nourishment to our body.

The nutrients from the food we eat helps in normal functioning of the body. Proper nutrition is crucial for Sleep is one of the most important pillar of wellbeing but sadly it is also the most under rated one!

Scorpions - Wind of change

Half of the population get Regular physical activity is one of the most important things we can do for our health and to live a happy life. Although going to The students and teachers really enjoyed your visit which was very interesting and informative.

Welcome to Winds of Change Media - Winds of Change Media

I attach our newsletter which was sent to about parents today. I love the idea of having sessions on different topics covering 4 pillars leading to complete well-being. The best is, for sure, interaction with the audience and their engagement in the sessions. I think everything is very good, communication with attendees and engaging them in the talk is great way I in particular found the thrust of the programme very useful.

What I found worked best was the health and the nutritional inputs of the programme.

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I feel that has a direct and tangible impact on our everyday life and hence found it to be engaging. For the last two We thank you for the excellent session on February 23, The participants were highly impressed with the contents of the session and the way it was presented.

The tips to stay fit and good were really helpful. Small printed handouts with such tips can be introduced which could be Thanks so much Sohini for your wonderful workshop this morning it was very interesting and informative to the cancer patients in TCSG especially enjoyed your healthy lunch demonstrations well done.

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Welcome to Wind of Change Wind of Change was founded on the values that nutrition, fitness and a fulfilling lifestyle are the cornerstones of health and wellbeing which help organizations become more productive through effective employee wellness programmes.